Ophelia Elysian

About Ophelia.

I specialise in a romantic aesthetic with nuances of classical beauty often described as Pre-Raphaelite or a painterly style. My goal is to capture the purest of human passion and embody a story. Not just another image to scroll past. Due to my dance and art background, I often draw upon references of ballet and classic paintings. My goal in this art form is to a be a muse for any artist and to help them find passion in whatever form of the craft they partake in.

Known to her fellow artists as the “pre-raphaelite pixie” due to her smaller stature and the natural grace of her poses.

Beyond the Camera.

Outside of modelling I am passionate about renaissance era artwork, cute and fuzzy creatures of all kinds, vintage fashion-wear, delectable food and bucolic scenery. I adore ballet, have a prized collection of antique books and, despite being sentimental for history, absolutely adores playing video games or lusting over the shiniest of shiny-new technology (iPad Pro + Stylus + Procreate, anyone?). Basically I am a modern dragon. (Much to my partner’s chagrin.)

Where’s Ophelia?

I’m based in Canada - South Western Ontario to be precise. However as a travelling art model, I am often on the road for my work.


  • photography

  • film

  • paint

  • sculpture

Ophelia thrives on creativity and often has visionary concepts that bring a unique touch to both the event and final product.


  • surreal beauty

  • lingerie

  • figure forms

  • artistic nudes

  • portraits

  • conceptual fantasy

Due to my fine art nature, I do not partake in any work that could be construed as pornographic or fetishized. I have a plethora of adornments and will gladly bring them with me to any shoot if need be and provide hair and makeup. As a “fashion monger” you can often find me sorting through the vastness of my collections, both modern and vintage, hand selecting garments and accessories for an ethereal and curated touch.



  • 32A-25-38

  • Dress size UK 10, American 8

  • 150 cm Tall

  • Shoe size American 5.5, 6

  • Grey/Green Eyes

  • Very Curly Copper Hair

  • Extremely Pale Skin

  • European/Middle Eastern Ethnicity


Booking Ophelia.

$125 hourly
(*Minimum 2 hour Booking)

$400 for Half Day
(*4 hours with One 30 Minute Break)

$600 for Full Day
(*8 Hours with Two Half Hour Breaks)

Photographers/Artists that haven’t been worked with before will require a 50% deposit to secure a booking. If a cancellation happens within 7 days of a shoot being booked, the deposit will be non refundable unless the shoot can be rescheduled. The full amount of the shoot will be asked for if a cancellation is provided within two weeks from the scheduled tour and the spot cannot be replaced.

Wanting to shoot for multiple days at exclusive locations? Multi-day discounts available upon request.